Teaching Literary Modernism in Under 4 minutes

Tomorrow, my world literature survey begins studying Modernism.  Luckily, I have what may be considered an unhealthy attraction to this literary movement, which could be because the first graduate course I ever took was on Modernism.  I just get all giddy when talking about it how depressive and fragmented (yet brilliant!) modern literature is.

Because of that, I wanted to share with you the video that I intend to start class with tomorrow morning.  It covers pretty much all the bases my lecture will, plus, I just love these kinds of videos. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s safe for work.

I hope you enjoy it!



  1. Awesome. Since I love mythology, I do like how many of the modernists made allusions to myth, especially Greek myths.

    T.S. Elliot’s The Wasteland has influenced a lot of speculative/fantasy authors too.

    • It really did. One of the first papers I wrote in grad school was about his influence on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series (The Wasteland, The Waste Lands, really?). It was a lot of fun.