Bibliofreakblog’s Great Kindle Giveaway

Over at, the Great Kindle Giveaway is underway.  It’s a really neat contest, and there are multiple ways to enter.  I already have a few points toward winning, and two of the best ways to get more points are to make a blog post about the Kindle Giveaway and make a YouTube video about it.  I figured I’d get them both out of the way in one shot.

Also, the more people I have enter the contest through my unique referral link, the more points I get.  So if you guys and gals don’t mind, sign up for the Bibliofreakblog and stay signed up until December 18th (the day of the drawing) and we’ll all get additional chances to win an Amazon Kindle.  You can sign up here:

And then there’s my YouTube video.  It is quite obvious that this is the first webcam video I’ve ever made, so please keep that in mind while watching it.  It ain’t pretty, but it serves its purpose.


    • Funny you should mention that: I used to work as a DJ for a local radio station my freshman year of college. They gave me my own Saturday night show, “B.J. and the Kids on the Square.” Oh, memories…