John Scalzi’s The God Engines – Free First Chapter

Today marks the release of John Scalzi’s newest book, The God Engines.  In order to promote it, Scalzi and Subterranean Press have released the first chapter of the novella for free. It’s a change from Scalzi’s military/political science fiction norm (which I’ve only recently discovered), but from what I can see, The God Engines’ dark [...]

Review: Stephen King’s Under the Dome

“Huh.” When I finished Under the Dome, that’s all I could say.  I just closed the novel and contemplated the ending.  I couldn’t say anything else but “huh.” And for me, that’s high praise. Ashamed as I am to say it, Under the Dome is the first novel I’ve finished since June.  I’ve listened to [...]

Review: James Cameron’s Avatar

Avatar’s hype did not impress me.  The initial trailers I saw were lackluster, and that’s me being nice.  The special effects looked hokey, and the plot, from what I had heard of it, was Dances with Wolves in space. I was not interested and had pretty much written Avatar off my list. But my wife [...]

Merry Christmas!

My wife and I have a very hectic few days ahead of us.  Because this is our first Christmas as a family, we’re inundated with even more holiday chaos than we’re used to.  Because of this, I’m taking Christmas weekend off from blogging. But before I take my long weekend, I want to wish each [...]

Playing Console Catch-Up

Long story, short: MMOs have dominated my gaming time for the last 12 years or so.  I’d estimate that around 90% of all of my time gaming has been done in front of a PC over the internet. Sure, I’ve set aside a few hours here and there for a few sessions of Knights of [...]