Excuse Me While I Kiss My Bride

Cake I’m getting married on Saturday.  Yes, on Halloween.  And yes, I know how awesome that is.  There will be many pictures posted once we return and have time to sort them out.  That said, I am taking a week off from blogging to prepare for the wedding and go on my honeymoon.

But never fear, o blogosphere! Your Beej has not forsaken you.  I’ve lined up a few guest posts to keep you sated from some of the very best writers in my blogroll.  Expect to see them pop up occasionally as the week passes.  I hope you enjoy them.

As this is the last post you’ll get from me for a whole week (scary, I know!), I figure I’ll continue in that theme and give you all a nice, eclectic list of the latest and greatest pop culture links I’ve had pass through my RSS reader this week.

So, this is the last time you fine folks will hear from me as a single man.  I hope you all have a great week (I know I will) and enjoy the guest posts!