A Blast from Beej’s Past: A Six Year Old Essay Resurfaces

I was looking around the internet, surfing old sites with my friend a few minutes ago, and I found an article I wrote years and years ago (2003 to be exact) posted to the front news page of SWG Stratics. I was a writer/forum admin for Stratics then, and I was very much afraid to use my real name on the internet for any reason, so the article is written by “Damien Wyrmsbane.” That was the gaming handle I used for years, from Ultima Online all the way through my first World of Warcraft character.

I never thought I’d see this article again, but since I did, I figured I would share it. Sadly, it is still pertinent today’s MMO atmosphere. It deals with subscription fees and why we pay them.

It was a blast for the past for me, and I enjoyed reading something I wrote over six years ago. I hope you do, too.

“Why Pay for an MMORPG?” by Damien Wyrmsbane (aka Professor Beej)